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metic Electric bike market leader in Poland! meticecobike The company has many years of experience in the market and is one of the largest companies in the industry in the country. It has a wide range of bikes and sets its own brand of drive. Also developing electric bicycles under the individual needs of customers. Evidence of professionalism is gained the confidence of customers in both the domestic and foreign markets. All bikes meet the strict standards of the European Union.
ADVANTAGES OVER AND OVER AGAIN Ecobike is a lifestyle mixed with modern technology. Only the best materials, robust batteries and quiet, maintenance-free motors determine the quality of our e-bikes.
CHECK HOW MUCH YOU WILL SAVE Maintenance of an electric bike is a lot cheaper than the cost of travelling by other means of transportation such as car, motor or even public transport.
TURN YOUR BIKE INTO AN ELECTRIC ONE! Now you can convert your own bike into electric one! This can be done for all types of bikes with 26 or 28 inch wheels. The conversion takes only about an hour.